Best Kapa Research & Consultancy Center

An organization, that provides services to international pharmaceutical companies all around the world.

To provide pharmaceutical research and development services satisfying the needs of each one of our clients.

Best Kapa Research & Consultancy, offers full product development services to generic pharma companies and pharma focused on the development of new improved versions (value-added generics or generic plus) of established drug products. Our clients come to us with a specific development request but occasionally, we are also asked to investigate and propose new product opportunities based on their existing drug portfolio. In general the overall aim of value-added generic development projects is focused on improving the safety, efficacy and/or the ease of administration, we are also specialized in executing development programs where the primary or sole objective is the evasion of existing product patents.

Our Team of Experts

Our organization has a team with extensive experience in analytical, formulation, manufacturing and regulatory activities in the R&D pharmaceutical field.

Best Kapa Research & Consultancy state of the art GMP-compliant, high containment facility is equipped to develop and monitor manufacture high potency products, specializing in the development and management of such products.
Best Kapa Research & Consultancy has wide experience and capacity for all kind of development projects, from generic to innovative drugs, from simple to complex products. We also offer innovative solutions to all our clients.

Client Focused

Best Kapa Research & Consultancy is a reliable partner without own pharma product portfolio, preferring to focus solely on providing services to its client base, offering agile, flexible and qualitative services with respect to deadlines required for each project.
We are committed to continuously improving our products and services with the appropriate consistent Quality, Reliability and Safety for the purpose for which it is intended.
Best Kapa Research & Consultancy overall success of our business involves satisfaction of our clients’ needs.

Our Ethics Base

Carve a niche on the global map through traditional wisdom and values and repose the faith of our customers, staff and shareholders.

Our procedure.
Focus on compliance framework.

Reliable and reproducible analytical methods are essential to both the pharmaceutical development and the evaluation of pharma product to meet the defined Industry Standards of potency, purity and stability.

Analytical chemists work to develop, qualify and validate or refine analytical methods to meet these demands.

We have multisite analytical labs required for method development activities that lead to characterization and profiling of products. We have a young and passionate team which can be leveraged to suit the requirements.

Our Services

Over the past years, Best Kapa Research & Consultancy, has expanded its spectrum by establishing long term collaboration with international state-of-the-art Laboratories facilities and provides research & development services. Also a nexus of services such as:

Formulation Development  
Process Development
Analytical Development
Expert reports & Clinical studies
Clinical studies
BE Studies


Work at Best Kapa Research & Consultancy

Work at Best Kapa Research & Consultancy as part of our multinational team, what you do contributes directly to our mission: enabling our customers to make the world healthier.